East Woods Penny Wars: Heroes of Hudson

Calling all Superheros! (or Villains!)
It will be an epic week of coin battles as each
class fights to be victorious. The battle
between pennies/cash (good) vs silver coins
(sabotage) to determine who is victorious
over each grade and the whole school. Be
prepared as there are always twists and
turns in any superhero’s journey!
– Captain Wininger, Team Superheroes


• Each class will have a container near grade wings, labeled with that class name for collecting money. Classes only compete against their fellow grade level.
• A class gains points by adding pennies, bills, checks made payable to Hudson PTO or online donation to their own containers.
• A class can lower other class’ totals by adding silver coins (nickels, dimes, quarters, and half dollars) to other class containers.
• Each cent is worth one point when adding or subtracting
• The winning 3rd, 4th grade and 5th grade classes will each get a class gift!

If you bring in your coins already rolled, you will receive a +25 point bonus on pennies, and a -25 bonus penalty on nickels, dimes, and quarters! For example: an already-rolled roll of pennies will equal +75 points for your class (instead of +50), while an already-rolled roll of quarters will equal a -1,025 point penalty for another class (instead of a -1,000 point penalty).


Pennies +1 point  
$1 dollar +100 points  
$5 dollars +500 points 
$10 dollars +1,000 points
$20 dollars +2,000 points

Nickels -5 points
Dimes -10 points
Quarters -25 point

Your participation supports programs benefiting all East Woods students, including Right to Read Week, field trips, and Bon Voyage. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

Questions? Please contact Becca Gates