Program End Date:  October 15, 2017

Shop at Amazon and earn money for the Hudson City Schools!

1) Click on the Amazon PTO Link.
2) Once at Amazon, save the link in your favorites, and shop as you normally would.
3) Use this new saved link to go to Amazon to place item from your wish list in your cart.
4) Use this new link to purchase items previously placed in your cart.
3) Use this new link to shop for something not on your wish list or in your cart.


I used your Amazon PTO Link, but the Amazon site doesn’t look any different or say Hudson PTO on it.
Am I in the right place?

Yes. The site does look the same and it does not reference Hudson PTO.
(For you techies out there, the “hupt-20” towards the end of the address in the address bar indicates the Hudson PTO link.)

Because the Amazon PTO Link site does not look any different, how do i know that Hudson PTO will get a percentage of my purchases?
If you have saved the Hudson PTO Link in your favorites and always use that link, Hudson PTO get
rewarded. You might even want to delete your old link to avoid possible confusion.

I want to put an item in my cart and purchase it later.
Will Hudson PTO still get credit if I do this?

Yes as long as you place the item in your cart within 24 hours of going through the Amazon PTO Link and
you finalize your purchase within 90 days.

I used the Amazon PTO Link, but ended my session without purchasing anything.
How do I return to Amazon and continue shopping with credit going to the Hudson PTO?
Use the Amazon PTO Link to return to Amazon. 

I have relatives that are not in Hudson.
Can they use the Amazon PTO Link too?
Absolutely. Forward the link to as many friends and family as you can.

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