The purpose of this Hudson PTO program, sponsored by The Royster Group, is to give students in our schools recognition for making a positive impact in their school and community.   Each month teachers and staff from one of the grades K-8 will nominate worthy candidates, and the principal will select the finalists.  The Royster Group makes a donation to the Hudson City Schools in the students’ names.  More information about the finalists, as well as the names of the honorable mention students will be published in the “Hudson Hub Times.”

The "Kids Making A Difference" in 2018/2019 are:

For March 2019, the Kids Making a Difference recognized the 2nd grade.

Libby Travis
Griffin Iannetta

For February 2019, the Kids Making a Difference recognized the 3rd grade.

Anna Bukovsky
Cecilia Karnoupakis

For January 2019, the Kids Making a Difference recognized the 4th grade.

Chloe Iafigliola
Jackson Christopher

For December 2018, the Kids Making a Difference article was in the HUB on December 2, highlighting the 6th grade.

Gianna Grega
Josh Ellenberger

For November 2018, the Kids Making a Difference article was in the HUB on November 4, highlighting the 7th grade.

Hailey Dravis
Joseph Schneider

For October 2018, the Kids Making a Difference article was in the HUB on October 7, highlighting the 8th grade.

Jenan Qaraqish
Logan Hensel

Past Winners

For March 2018, the 3rd grade students are listed below. The article of Kids Making a Difference ran on February 28.


Logan Taylor (male)
Elsa Scherer (female).

For October 2017, the 8th grade students are listed below. The article of Kids Making a Difference ran on October 1.

Constance Loring
Ryan Pappano

1st grade Finalists:
Zack Fitzferald
Isa Dooley

Honorable Mentions:
Mackenzie Bezdek
Chase Cooke

For November 2016, the 6th grade students are listed below. The article of Kids Making a Difference will run on Sunday, December 4th.

Maddie McGurr & Noah Zappone
Honorable Mentions:
Ava Wallace
Danny Mondora
Logan Hensel
Ben Mormino
Angela Ryan
Olivia Greenbaum
Nora Howard
Charlie Ross
Grace Lucarelli

May 2016 (6th Grade) – HUB article published May 1st
Anna Faust
Harrison Hoppes
Honorable Mention: Edie Bishop, Delany DiGeronimo, Charlotte Hooker

April 2016 (5th Grade) – HUB article published April 3rd
Katelyn Unke
Carnie Caniglia
Honorable Mention: Zane Zarges, Katie Babitsky and Carrie Caniglia

March 2016 (4th Grade) – HUB article published March 6th
Alaina Pizarro
Elliot Losh

February 2016 (3rd Grade) – HUB article published February 7th
Luke Jenkins
Emily Barry

January 2016 (2nd Grade) – HUB article published January 17th
Henry Merchant
Kalis Pratt
Honorable Mention: Spencer Chaney, Elena Cheng, Bailey Deutsch, Fiona Dudley, Khalid Jadallah, Caydence Novak, Caitlin Petrosino and Sienna Trainor

December 2015 (1st Grade) – HUB article published December 6th
Kees Schop
Laney Dobro

November – Kindergarten (article published Nov 1st 2015)
Amelia Owens
Joey Lyons

November – Kindergarten (article published November 1 2015)
Amelia Owens
Joey Lyons

July – Kindergarten (article published July 5, 2015)
Alexa Klespies
Jack Brainard

Honorable Mention: Colin Klein and Keswick Ritley

June – 1st Grade (article published June 7th, 2015)
Joey Herman
Morgan McStay

Honorable Mention: McKenna Kiewatt, Joseph Lukac, Abby Henderson

May – 2nd Grade (article published May 3, 2015)
Amelia Elliott
Alden Cross

Honorable Mention:Josie Rammel, Emily Barry, Paige Sutton
March – 3rd Grade (article published Apr 5, 2015)
Sam Donatelli
Thomas (Tommy) Ricard
Honorable Mention:  Nolan Yanak, Jackson Smithers
February – 4th Grade (article published Mar 8, 2015)
Paige Hansen
Ty Frank
Honorable Mention:  Stella Rich, Emma Palmer, Kelly Evans, Bella Mitalski, Jagger Pallay

January – 5th Grade (article published Feb 1, 2015)
Caroline Moffa
Avery Taylor
Honorable Mention:  Jackson Kiland, Faunce Bigham, Ryan Pappano, Joshua McGrath, Sophie Hutchinson, Ane Johnson, Tenley Stitzer, Kaci Ramlow

December – 6th Grade (article published Jan 11, 2015)
Sophia Lucarelli
Zack Weber

November – 7th Grade (article published Dec 7, 2014)
Cameron Coy
Abigail Rzeszutko
Honorable Mention:  Tori Kramer, Katherine Laver, Ben Neiberlein, James Peel

October – 8th Grade (article published Nov 2, 2014)
Courtney Heller
Jake Jagodzinski
Honorable Mention:  Anna Arsham, Caitlin Dyer, Karsen Guldan, Connor Landreth

March – 8th Grade (article published June 1, 2014)
Liz Fry and Michael Liang
Honorable Mention:  Lenora Batcher, Sean Curran, Kaitlyn Glen, Ryan Madis

March – 7th Grade (article published May 7, 2014)
Blake Hartline
Alex Clampffer

Honorable Mention:  Jonathon Coates, Emma Huston, Meredith Liechty, Vincent Lyon, Will Wallace

March – 6th Grade (article published April 13, 2014)
Olivia Robinson and Connor Schleper

February – 5th Grade (article published March 2, 2014)
Nicholas Ryan and Ashley Petrik
Honorable Mention:  Connor Rubin, Jon David Taylor, Sam Bingaman, Kevin Toth, Lily Swain, Caroline Tikkanen, Alyse Stelmarski, Abigail Paster

January – 4rd Grade (article published February 2, 2014)
Natalie Kollar and Ben Cole
Honorable Mention:  Anna Faust, Tommy Rischitelli 

December – 3rd Grade (article published January 5, 2014)
Brendan Root and Marielle “Elle” McCarty
Honorable Mention:  Angeline Cash, Eve Jones, Kate Pawlowski, Reagan Meile, and Carrie Caniglia 

November – 2nd Grade (article published December 8, 2013)
Jocelyn Oh and Miles Muller
Honorable Mention:  Noble Jones 

October – 1st Grade (article published November 10, 2013)
Peyton Frank and Parker Maniar 

September – Kindergarten (article published October 6, 2013)
Khalid Jadallah and Emily Jabbour 

May – Kindergarten (article published June 2nd, 2013)
Ellie Miele and Quinn Ian Mihalek

Honorable Mentions:  Jordan Evans, Savannah James, Malia Orley

April – 1st Grade (article published May 5th, 2013)
Natalie Brindley and Quinn Hoffmann

Honorable Mentions:  Emily Easton

March – 2nd Grade (article published April 7th, 2013)
Henry Caspar and Ava Chluda

Honorable Mentions:  Evan Gerber, Tommy Mawby

February – 3rd Grade (article published March 3rd, 2013)
Ben Cole and 
Ané Johnson
Honorable Mentions:  Brennan Catania, Joslyn Durachinsky, Sean Durkin, Ashley Root

January – 4th Grade (article published February 3rd, 2013)
Ben Basta and Ainsley Blue

Honorable Mentions:  Sami Drager, Evangeline Hurrel, Rose Youngblood

December – 5th Grade (article published January 6th, 2013)
Brad Doerrer and Meredith Kozar

Honorable Mentions:  Will Richmond, Madeline Stout, Jane Voinovich, Adeline Judson, Maggie Moloney, Julia Wass, Sydney DePompei, Amelia Hoffmeier

November –  6th Grade (article published December 2, 2012)
Kori Crookston – 6 Service and Nathan Slater – 6 Integrity

Honorable Mentions:  Matt Matolka (6 Respect), Elizabeth Northrup (6 Respect), and Morgan Billingsley (6 Integrity)

October – 7th Grade (article published November 4, 2012)
Nick Sandone – 7 Respect and Casie Ackerman – 7 Integrity

Honorable Mentions: Nicole Neifert (7 Respect), Val Hrosinkov (7 Service), and Betsy Hart (7 Integrity)

September – 8th Grade (article published October 7, 2012)
Nick Matolka – 8 Respect and Sarah Platt – 8 Integrity

Honorable Mentions: Adeline Wickerham (8 Respect), Anthony Enos (8 Integrity), Olivia VanBokkelen (8 Service), and
Chandler Kotseos (8 Service)

February– 5th Grade (article published in March 2012)
Blake Hartline and Abigail Wickerham
Honorable Mentions: Michael Caniglia, Quincy Edge, Caroline Ford, Karsen Guldan, Maddie Hannan, Lauren Kossler, Elizabeth Mitalski, Brielle Moreno, Emily Platt, Holly Poremba, and Madison Rhinehart.

January– 4th Grade (article published in February 2012)
Christopher Spencer and Paige Harrison
Honorable Mentions: Payton Cox, Catherine Hensel, Lila Bishop, Dane DiGeronimo, Robert Bradshaw, Robby Rischitelli and Bradley Doerrer

December– 3rd Grade (article published in January 2012)
Mason Jenks and Anthony Solari
Honorable Mentions: Kevin Reiman

November– 2nd Grade (article published in December 2011)
Delaney DiGeronimo and Josie Hall

Honorable Mentions: Klaudia Kosa and Claire Campanelli

October– 1st Grade (article published in November 2011)
Alice Xu and Keith Miller

Honorable Mentions: None

September– Kindergarten (article published in October 2011)
Emma Lentz and Connor Kiewatt

Honorable Mentions: None

May- Kindergarten (article published in June 2011)
Henry Caspar and Eve Jones
Honorable Mentions: Megan Katitus

April- 1st Grade (article published in May 2011)
Camden Davis and Emily Watson
Honorable Mentions: None

March- 2nd Grade (article published in April 2011)
Lauren Skaggs and Cecily Merrick
Honorable Mentions: David Gundrum, Myra Stewart, and Alex Zito

February- 3rd Grade (article published in March 2011)
Meghan Ceccardi and Amelia Hoffmeier
Honorable Mentions: None

January- 4th Grade (article published in February 2011)
Alana Reske and John Smidlein
Honorable Mentions: Jamie Alexander, Caitlyn Dyer, Casey Hoy, Maggie Rose Lehman, Bryan McClure, Josh Rosenzweig, and Kelly Ross

December- 5th Grade (article published in January 2011)
Elizabeth Fry and Colt Pallay
Honorable Mentions: Annalee Berger, Morgan Cox, Elizabeth Hinkle, Andrew Klemm, Kala McClure, Adam Mintz, John Paisle, and Allison Torrence

November- 6th Grade (article published in December 2010)
Alison Chilcott and Morgan Kempf

Honorable Mentions: Allie Billingsly, Hannah Forrestal, Fisher Jones, Michael Madonia, Adam Martin, and Hannah Topczewski

October- 7th Grade (article published in November 2010)
Carolone Bingham and Andrew Suchan
Honorable Mentions: Grace Beyer, Kacey Eaton, Molly Frabotta, Sarah Hommedieu, Zak Meder, and Simon Turner

September- 8th Grade (article published in October 2010)
Connor Kasarda and Megan Lee
Honorable Mentions: Helena Ahn, Reese Brown, Allison Cook, Alex O’Keefe, Keifer Price, and Kaylee Wichert

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