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Chromebook Cases

Chromebook Cases 

Did your Middle or High School student receive a Chromebook from the district’s NEW 1 to 1 program this year? PTO has cases to help provide you with a little extra protection to keep them safe. PTO has 3 cases available to help provide a bit more piece of mind regarding the safety of your child’s new Chromebook. Check out our options below and order the one that will suit your needs. Options 1 & 2 (Gumdrop and Guardian) are specially made for the New Dell Chromebook 11 (6th-9th grade). Option 1 is our most protective case. It surrounds the Chromebook completely, and securely but, is our most expensive and unfortunately will not be delivered until mid-October as all units are backordered. The next option (2) is our mid-level, in stock, and is a top and bottom piece with extra rubber protection on each of the corners. Our final option is a neoprene case which will be our only option for those students who received a Samsung Chromebook (grades 10-12). This is a PTO fundraiser so all monies earned as a result of this sale will directly benefit Hudson schools and students.

If purchasing more than one of any item, please complete one order per student. HMS students will receive their cases in homeroom delivered only 1 day/week. HHS students will pick theirs up in the office when called (during announcements).


In consideration of and as a condition to your purchase of a computer case or sleeve (the “Case”) from The Hudson Parent-Teacher Organization, Inc., an Ohio non-profit corporation (“Hudson PTO”), for use in connection with the Chromebook computer (the “Chromebook”) provided to your child, you, on behalf of yourself and your child(ren), along with your and their respective executors, administrators, personal representatives, heirs, successors and assigns, hereby: (a) assume all risks associated with you and your child(ren)’s use of the Case and any damage to the Chromebook, regardless of whether the Case is used to protect the Chromebook and/or pursuant to the instructions and recommendations of the manufacturer of the Case; and (b) waive, release and forever discharge Hudson PTO, its directors, officers, members, employees and agents, and all of their collective heirs, successors and assigns, from and against any and all claims, causes of action and liability of every name and nature arising out of, or in connection with, use of the Case and/or any personal injury, property damage or damages of any kind which may occur in connection with use of the Case and the Chromebook by you and your child(ren). By purchasing the Case from the Hudson PTO, you, individually and on behalf of your child(ren), are binding yourself and your child(ren) to this Waiver & Release of Liability and foreclosing any rights to bring a claim against the Hudson PTO arising out of the ownership and use of the Case and the Chromebook by you and your child(ren). The use of the Case will at all times be at your own risk. This Waiver & Release from Liability does not limit or otherwise restrict any warranty made available or provided by the manufacturer of the Case, if any.  

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