Every year, Hudson PTO recognizes one teacher from grades K-5 and one teacher from grades 6-12 as well as one staff member.  Each Teacher of the Year and Staff Member of the Year award winners receives $500 plus were awarded a plaque in recognition of their contributions toward making the Hudson City School District run so smoothly.

To be eligible, nominees must have been employed by Hudson City School District for a minimum of one full school year.  Nominations were accepted from staff members, parents, students and any other member of the Hudson educational community.

Nominations were reviewed confidentially by a select committee of PTO board members.

Congratulation to our 2020 Teachers and Staff Member of the Year!

Grades K-5

Jonathan Shaw
Kindergarten teacher at Evamere

Nominated by:
Prabi Rajbhandari
Heather Pinkstaff
Amanda Duvall
Kristen Nelsen
Nicole Brooks
Melissa Andrianov

Grades 6-12

Andrew Robitaille
Library Media Specialist at High School

Nominated by Brian Wilch

2020 Staff Member of the Year

Ed Novak
Head Custodian at Evamere

Nominated by:
Michelle & Sebastian Schwab
Ann Hill
Maddie Neff

Past Winners

Grades K-5

Michael Sivert (third from left)
4th Grade teacher at East Woods

Grades 6-12

Bob Ulrich (center)
Science Teacher at Hudson High School

2019 Staff Member of the Year

Nicole Carmichael (center)
High School Guidance Counselor

Grades K-5

Katie Politano (middle)
1st Grade teacher at Evamere
Nominated by Kristy Welshhans (left) and Megan Griffiths-Ward (right)

Grades 6-12

Michael Schmidt (middle)
Anatomy, Physiology and Marine Biology Teacher at Hudson High School
Pictured with nominating students.

2018 Staff Member of the Year

Julie Schultz (right)
District Social Worker
Presentor, Kelly Kempf (left)

Jeremiah Stoehr - nominator (left), Sharon Nivert - winner (middle), Katie Berry - nominator (right)
Pam Saucier - winner (left), Mike Fejes - nominator (right)
Beth Trivelli - principal, Evamere Elementary (left), Laura DiPaola - winner (right)

Grades K-5

Sharon Nivert (middle)
5th Grade teacher at East Woods
Nominated by Jeremiah Stoehr (left) and Katie Berry (right)

Grades 6-12

Pam Saucier (left)
Intervention Specialist at Hudson Middle School
Nominated by Mike Fejes (right)

2016 Staff Member of the Year

Laura DiPaulo (left)
Custodian at Evamere Elementary
Nominated by Lauren Fenimore (not pictured)

Pictured with Beth Trivelli, Principal, Evamere

Elena Caspar - nominator (left), Rebecca Ulrich - winner (right)
Rachel Miller - winner (left), Nina Ackerman - nominator (right)
Nancy Shortman - winner (left), Kathy Schierenbeck - nominator (right)

Grades K-5

Rebecca Ulrich (right)
5th Grade teacher at East Woods
Nominated by Elenor Caspar (left)

Grades 6-12

Rachel Miller (left)
Intervention Specialist at Hudson High School
Nominated by Nina Ackerman (right)

2017 Staff Member of the Year

Nancy Shortman (left)
Educational Aide at Hudson High School
Nominated by Kathy Schierenbeck (right)

Teacher of the Year

Staff of the Year

Grades K-5

Amanda Saluan
Ellsworth Hills
2nd Grade Teacher

Grades 6-12

Jessica Stiffler
Hudson High School
English & Journalism Teacher

All Grades

Lynn Mazure
Hudson Middle School
Guidance Office Assistant

Teacher of the Year

Staff of the Year

Grades K-5

Yvonne Hays
East Woods Elementary
4th Grade Teacher

Grades 6-12

Linda Widdowson
Hudson High School
Individual/Small Group Instruction

All Grades

Angie Hagan
Hudson High School

Rebecca Rice
Evamere Elementary
1st Grade Teacher

Barbara Gayheart
Hudson Middle School
7th Grade Resource/Inclusion Teacher

Laura Conn
Ellsworth Hill
Pre-School Teacher

Jeff Hildebrand
Hudson Middle School
7 Integrity Social Studies

Congratulations to the 2011 Teachers of the Year!

Patricia Armbruster
McDowell Elementary

Christina Wooley
Hudson High School

Congratulations to the 2010 Teachers of the Year!

Rose Smoral
Ellsworth Hill Elementary
2nd Grade

Ben Harrington
Hudson Middle School
8 Purple; American History


Other past winners include:

2009 – Brenda DeLeo and Ben Frampton
2008 – Hong Le and Betty Banks-Burke
2007 – Melissa Sturik and Martin Bach
2006 – Rob Yanko

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