“S.S.M.P. (Super Strong McDowell Pride)”: McDowell activities, March 18-22

Monday, March 18:  Map-It Monday. Just like Alexander explores the map of his new town, Stermont, in the book, McDowell students will complete a map-related activity with their teachers;  a large map of Hudson created by the students will be posted in the lobby that will pinpoint areas of interest for each class.

Tuesday, March 19: Monster Tuesday. Inspired by the Notebook of Doom monsters and Troy’s picture book, Can I Be Your Dog? (in which a homeless dog writes letters to potential owners he hopes will adopt him), students will write letters in the voice of their classroom-created monster.

Wednesday, March 20: Hoodies and/or Hudson Spirit Wear Day. In the book, on Alexander’s first day in his new school, he meets a girl “with friendly eyes” who wears a hoodie and is referred to as “hoodie girl.” She is kind to Alexander when he’s having a rough time on his first day, and becomes a good friend and member of the S.S.M.P. in the book series.  One Day Only – Onsite Book Sale for those students who forgot to pre-order.  All 13 books in Notebook Series ($4) Monster Notebook ($5.50).  (Pre-Order Books Delivered)

Thursday, March 21: Mismatched Day. When Alexander arrives at his new school, after a run-in with a balloon goon where he loses a shoe, the secretary, Mr. Hoarsely, makes him wear a mismatched galosh. Students can wear silly mismatched socks, clothes, or shoes this day.

Friday, March 22: Friendship Friday. Alexander is the new kid in a new town, and he makes some pretty good friends while he’s battling the silly monsters of Stermont. Students will celebrate friendship this day, led by classroom activities that support making new friends, even though the school year is 2/3 of the way complete.

 Troy will be doing a book signing at the Learned Owl on March 20 from 4-6 pm. Stop by and say Hi!