Right to Read Week: East Woods activities, March 9-13

Monday, March 9
Dragonet of the Day: Clay, Mudwing
• Wear mud colors (red or brown) and slippers (Clay’s talons prefer mud, and he likes to walk on a comfortable surface!)
• Random Acts of Kindness Day (Clay loves his friends!). Students write a thank-you note to a teacher or staff member at East Woods
• Snack in the classroom (Clay loves eating!)

Tuesday, March 10
Dragonet of the Day: Tsunami, Seawing
• Wear blue/ocean colors or Hudson Spirit Wear
• Dragon masks activity in the classroom

Wednesday, March 11
Dragonet of the Day: Glory, Rainwing
• Wear rainbow or camouflage clothes (Glory can camouflage with anything, due to her brilliant rainbow scales!)
• Play the Telestrations game in the classroom

Thursday, March 12
Dragonet of the Day: Sunny, Sandwing
• Wear sandy/beachy colors
• Make inclusion posters in the classroom (Sunny was born different than the other Sandwings, but she is beloved for her uniqueness!)

Friday, March 13
Dragonet of the Day: Starflight, Nightwing
• Wear dark or black clothes or pajamas
• Write stories in the classroom, or enjoy bonus reading time (Starflight loves his scrolls and books!)

Tui will be doing a book signing at the Learned Owl on March 12 from 4-6 pm. Stop by and say Hi!