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Betsy Snyder - Visiting Evamere (Kindergarten only)

Betsy Snyder, Author and Illustrator

March 20 at Evamere (KINDERGARTEN ONLY)

Betsy Snyder, a Northeast Ohio resident, is an award-winning children’s book author and illustrator. Animals and nature have fascinated Ms. Snyder since she was a young child fishing and catching salamanders in ponds of Pennsylvania. This year, she drew upon those memories to create the collage illustrations for It’s a Firefly Night.

Her book, I Haiku You, was selected as a “New Classic” by Scholastic Parent & Child magazine. Ms. Snyder loves to create smile-inspiring art for kids and the young at heart—you can see her colorful collages and cute images on all kinds of things, from children’s books to board games to stickers to greeting cards.

Ms. Snyder lives near Cleveland, where she shares a studio with her graphic-designer husband.