55th Annual Hudson Halloween Window Painting assignments and instructions

Thank you to all who are participating in the 55th Annual PTO Halloween Window Painting Event!

Window assignments (PDF)

Assignments are listed alphabetical order by last names of the child who registered. You will see your window (including number) and painting day.

IMPORTANT: Window painting rules and instructions (PDF)

Check In: Saturday and Sunday, 8 a.m.-2 p.m. at the Hudson Library. There will be 2 check-in stations going by the last names of registrants A-L and M-Z. You will receive paint, 2 brushes, T-shirts for your team, your picture back, and a drop cloth. Please use the drop cloth. Please wear the T-shirt (we get them big so they can go over coats and sweatshirts). Pro-Tip: If you don’t need to start painting at 8 a.m., wait 15-30 minutes to check in — you’ll avoid the line. A few words from our Halloween Windows co-chairs: “We are so excited to have everyone paint! This has been a RECORD year! Our numbers have gone up by almost 20% compared to a typical year. Because of this, we had to get creative with some of our placements–we had to get windows we have never painted before. We’re thrilled that we could find enough windows so that EVERY child who wants to paint is going to be able to paint! We put a lot of time and effort into making sure that everyone has a spot. Please understand that we know we cannot place everyone exactly where they want to be, but we did our best. Thank you for being gracious and understanding. Some of the painters have been placed at JOANN. If you have, congratulations! JOANN is our corporate sponsor, and they are so excited to be part of this event! It is so important to have representation from all grades at JOANN so that we can really show off what this event is all about–artistic vision, collaboration, community, and joy. Finally, I have to ask everyone a favor. Last year, you all did an amazing job of helping to make sure this event was fun, safe, and positive. I’m hoping we can achieve the same thing together again this year. We are still bound by some Covid guidelines, and Covid is still present in the schools. I’m not here to judge or to preach to anyone, but it would be naive to think that the optics of an event like this don’t matter, especially if anyone is looking to find fault. It goes without saying that if you or your child/ren are in quarantine, have any Covid symptoms, or have tested positive, please do not come. Email us–we may be able to work something out. So please, I ask for patience and courtesy towards others and for you to be mindful in your social media posts. JOANN, the schools, the Hudson Merchants, the City of Hudson, parents, and students all trust us to carry out this event safely and without incident. I know we can–we’ve done it before, and we can do it again. But we need your help to succeed. Once more, Hudson has an opportunity to prove how amazing this community is. And that’s just what we’re going to do because #WEAREHUDSON. Who’s ready to paint the town?! Thank you all for your help, Sara Lerner and Susan Dukes”

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